expeTRAC  creates a curated virtual timeline, records the user's experiences, assists by providing vital information and helps them communicate and track each other.
  Experience map:  The journey of a typical user is divided into 3 broad areas, pre-expedition, during expedition and post- expedition. Here I have explored these 3 areas in depth based on what the user thinks, feels and experiences.
  Ongoing Timeline:  Provides the timeline view of the current expedition. Here the users can access recorded photos, videos and audio. They also have an option to pause or stop the timeline.   Communicate:  Appears when the user taps on ‘communicate’.Here they can call  other group members, track them on a map and pin their location.    Timeline:  Appears when the user taps on ‘timeline’. Here they can view previously stored timelines or create a new one.
  Curated Timeline:  Provides a visual overview at the end of the expidition in the form of a video. 
  Launch:  Welcome screen for expeTRAC.   Home:  Here the user can access the 4 main features of the application.
  Camera:  Initiated by the 'record photo' voice command.   Heart Rate Alert:  This prompt appears in the event of elevated heartrate asking the user to confirm their wellbeing.
  Visual design:  The thought behind this moodboard was to be inspired by 'outdoors', 'futuristic' and 'sleek'.
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